Sunset Over Selungo is an intimate insight into a unique way of life built upon centuries of jungle survival.



From a remote village, deep in the rainforest of Borneo, comes an inspiring true story about freedom and belonging. Sunset Over Selungo is a 30-minute journey into the jungle, following Dennis, Unyang and Sia of the Penan tribe.

Hunting for breakfast and living without internet might be difficult to imagine for most of us, but Sia’s daily concerns are just the same as anybody else’s - for his family and his community - and he is determined to protect them.


The full film is free to watch at the top of this page. Watch an excerpt, 'Balan the Blowpipe Maker', and the local reaction below.

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Balan the Blowpipe Maker


Watch the painstaking process of carving a blowpipe, the unique hunting tool used by the Penan, in this extract from the full documentary. The weapons are still used by many members of the tribe for hunting with poison darts, but Balan is the last person in his village who knows how to make them.



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Click above to watch a short video of the local reaction to the documentary.


How to Make Poison


In this follow-up short film, Balan the blowpipe maker shares his rare knowledge of making 'tajem', the poison the Penan carefully prepare to hunt with.